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Hey guys, my rental was recently inspected and the inspector pointed out a hot knob and tube line in the attic that was basically just hanging in space. Obviously this has to be secured, and he recommended I pickup a junction box to secure it in and he will re-inspect it in a month.

What type of junction box should I use? Plastic, metal, fiberglass? Does it matter? I have plenty of old plastic wall boxes..would these suffice if I put a cover on them? Also, what should I wrap the exposed end in? standard wire nuts? If there is a hot line exposed, can it go in the same box using a different wire nut?

Obviously I don't want a fire hazard (more than what k&t is already) but $6,000 to rewire isn't in the cards right now.
Thanks for your help guys!:)

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I find it surprising that an unused line would be left live. Can you post some photos?
If it really is a random live wire, you can pretty much use any box, just make sure the wire is protected. (Metal boxes require bushings/clamps in the knockouts). You can put wire nuts on the end of the wires and put a cover on the box.

As always, make sure you turn off the fuse/breaker feeding it before you do anything.
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