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Apply alex plus latex caulk plus silicone TWICE

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Sooooo I messed up.

I put up my baseboards and trim and bought a caulking gun tube of alex plus latex caulk plus silicone. I bought transparent by accident!

It was opened and it was late so I decided to just go ahead and finish. So now it's making painting very difficult and unforgiving.

Could I go over the transparent caulk with alex plus latex caulk plus silicone WHITE?

My only concern is the silicone in the title because I know silicone wont stick to silicone.

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You're OK- It is "Silonconized", but you will see that it does say paintable. If you are going to paint over it anyway, no need to add the white- but no problem if you do.
The Evil stuff is 100% silicone.
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