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I'm a girl on a mission. My entire hvac system is getting replaced and want to solve the mold issue, caused I think, by the supply plenum configuration, etc.

For years this apartment has had a 1998, 2.5 ton Trane unit which is waaaay too big for a 840 sq ft, 2 bed, 1 bath space.

Live in Dallas area, 33 yr old bldg. Single pain windows, plenty of leaks - lol.

The entire thing is above the tub. The duct board plenum interior is coated in thick, black mold and literally coming apart at the seams. Black crap flies out of the vents.

There are 5 runs off the plenum and a 6 x 4 inch hole in the bottom of it that feeds the bath vent (yes it's freezing in the bathroom & not enough air gets to the room supplied by duct 3).

Ducts are all 6 inches and go like this:

Duct 1 runs all of 14 inches
Duct 2 runs 10 inches
Duct 3 runs 9 to 10 foot
Duct 4 runs 11 to 12 foot (its register is 4 feet over from the duct #2. They serve the living/dining combo)
Duct 5 runs about 13 to 14 foot to the kitchen, but that area is also served by duct #2)

I have the ducting all sorted out and return air is ample, but need advise on the supply plenum sizing. I'd like to get the landlord to put in a metal one, wrapped in insulation. I need to know what to make them do, or I'll just have a nightmare on my hands. I want this #*%^ fixed. lol

View the attached image to see what I'm up against.

To minimize the condensation forming in the supply plenum box I was hoping it would be okay to have it reduced from 22 or 24 inches wide to maybe 8 inches, something like that.

I figure getting the air into the ducts asap will help reduce the condensation, along with an appropriate sized unit. They said they will put in a 2 ton. Being in Texas with crap windows, that's probably about right, but I want to make sure if that's too big. We get strong morning and afternoon sun (at least 6 - 7 hours), it's a brick exterior.

I'd also like to do a 4 inch duct for the bathroom and reducing that 22 or 24 inch width is the only way I can fit one of those in.

Because of that bath vent being so insane, duct 3 (9 - 10 ft, w/a single 90 degree turn) has a hard time getting enough air to that bedroom. Same with duct 5 for the kitchen.

Duct 1 supplies the bedroom adjacent to the bath, so it gets super cold too. Not only that but there is a ( 8" x 24") RETURN 6 inches over from the register!! 😂

What size plenum do you think will work in this situation? I'm I right to want the air to get in the ducts asap or is that a bad idea?

What would you experts do? Thanks in advance!
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