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Apartment garage breaker upgrade

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I'm curious if anyone knows what code is for Apartment garages. We're considering upgrading the breaker for our workshops which are out of a few of the garage bays located on the property.
I'm located in Colorado. We have an air compressor that keeps tripping the breaker. I'm assuming its a 15A. We were considering going to a 20A. Wanted some professional opinions.
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1 G crazy,

Yes, i echo what Just Bill and PaliBob said about the 12g with a 20a breaker. You might be lucky however chances are you won't be, lol. The wire that is tied to that 15a breaker MIGHT and I say MIGHT be 12ga already but it is more than likely 14ga. wire.

You could call an electrician and they can come out and tell you whether or not you can change the breaker or not. It is just a matter of calling in the professionals that are trained in the electrical field.

Good luck and be safe!
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