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anyone use Blue Max or similar rubbing coating on outside of foundation walls?

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To stop a leaking old basement we plan to dig down to the footings, tile, gravel etc. well my husband ordered this to paint onto the outside of the basement walls before we fill in the dirt/gravel. it was pretty darn expensive I just would like to hear about any personal experiences/knowledge on it. thanks!!!
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annie, i'm impress'd & we did that for a living,,, ' sprayable ' i dunno know, tho,,, CLEAN THE WALL WELL down to below the footer,,, far's a ' spray-applied asphaltic ', its only good when its a rubberiz'd compound ',,, 'mite, isn't the spec 3mils of dampproofing mtl ? ? ? worthless imn-s-h-fo.

stopping the wtr coming UP THRU YOUR BSMT FLOOR'll be an interesting post i solemnly anticipate tho, annie,,, after all, that wtr's got to go somewhere, doesn't it ? ? ? :( think of your bsmt as a ship's hull & the lawn outside's the wtrline,,, below the wtrline, wtr always tries to get in :huh: to where ? - our very fine bsmts - even mine :censored:

google up ' rubb-r-wall - rubberwall - rubbrwall - basement waterproofing material - rubberized asphalt ' $ 2,000 is cheap if it works but, again my opinion only, you'll need a sump & pump eventually.
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