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anyone use Blue Max or similar rubbing coating on outside of foundation walls?

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To stop a leaking old basement we plan to dig down to the footings, tile, gravel etc. well my husband ordered this to paint onto the outside of the basement walls before we fill in the dirt/gravel. it was pretty darn expensive I just would like to hear about any personal experiences/knowledge on it. thanks!!!
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I encourage you to investigate the longevity of any product you choose. I recently excavated along my 30 year old poured concrete basement wall. It was obvious that they had applied an asphaltic coating but it was essentially gone. Apparently microbes in the soil will eventually decompose the coating.

Your plan sounds good, just check out the coating options well (you could also investigate peel and stick membranes and various drain boards) and be sure that your drain tile drains freely away from the house.
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