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I have an attic space I'm finishing off to make it habitable year round. I do have room to put in ducting in the eaves of the a-frame roof but I don't think the capacity of my current system is enough to cool it. My blower is in the basement and I'm already cooling about 1200 sq ft on the first floor. I've been told that the most realistic option is to add a second unit for the attic. I've been thinking about the ductless systems like the Mitsubishi Mr. Slim as a good option. I need to cool about 650 sq ft.

I know some people who use these things in tropical areas to cool large rooms and they seem to work well. Plus, you can't beat the price over a new HVAC system. I don't think I'll ever need to heat my attic as it's insulated pretty well and I live in the south. During the winter, my prediction is that enough heat will escape from the first floor to keep it cozy.

Anyone have experience with these types of AC systems? I don't want to use a window unit because it will obstruct one only two windows that I have up there.
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