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Anyone able to decider Wayne pump date codes?

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Just replaced this pump.. wondering how old she might be. I understand the date code is the MOD. Not opposed to calling up Wayne just curious in the meantime. :)


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I called the company, they asked for the model, then the four digit "Serial Number" sticker that isn't on the GE sticker. Which is 4978 as you can see in the first sticker.

Then he had me guess the age lol. I said 15-17 years (our house was built in 97) so I just took a stab at it.

He said "it was Manufactured in October of 1997" heh.

So. Not 40, but over 18 which impresses me enough considering the conditions it was working in.

The sediment that I assume killed it (the footer was basically buried in it) came pouring out of holes and slots in it when I was moving it around yesterday to find additional markings.

I wish everything lasted this long!
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