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Anybody here done cabinet refacing?

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Thoughts, results, tips, pictures? Any would be appreciated.
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Did a bathroom which is now completed and now have doors on order for the kitchen.. Did the bathroom first to see how it would work out. Was satisfied with the bathroom. Home Depot, Menards and Lowes all have the same supplier, QUALITY DOORS is the name of the company. I was impressed with the quality of the doors which took close to two months for delivery. I got my doors unfinished (Oak) and purchased the 3M backed veneer, and 1/8" 4" by 8" sheet of oak veneered plywood which is needed for the sides of the cabinets from a local wood shop. The cost for my doors were about $80.00 each.
Before installing I found a guy on "You-Tube" (title-HOW TO INSTALL VENEER) who demonstrated cutting the veneer with a chop-type paper cutter. I had one and believe me it worked perfectly.
The doors come with euro-hinges which were easy to install. For the kitchen you may need a valance. If your handy and have the right tools (router) you can make you own. You will need a table saw to get a good cut on the side panels.
This is not a one day project.

Best of luck with the project, rredogg
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