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I purchased a greensand filter to solve the iron problems we have with our well water. Unit installed on October 18th. After two regenerations the last being on October 24th, I cleaned the bathroom sink today the 28th with Super Iron Out and removed noticeable red staining.

The water when tested Oct. 8th was as follows:

Source: Private Well
pH: 7
Iron: 1.3 PPM
Manganese: 0 PPM
Hardness: 39 Grains per Gallon
Hardness: 667 PPM
Total Dissolved Solids ('TDS"): 871 PPM
Tannin: 0

In the scheme of things where is 1.3ppm when it comes to iron.

OK, the obvious, the unit is not on bypass. I put the greensand in it myself so unless the greensand is bogus its in there. I have watched one full manual regeneration and my utility sink fills with purple water and the pot perm tank is sucked dry of mix. I have a call into the company I purchased it from but was trying to see if anyone had an ideas??? :huh:

Any way to detect if water is leaking within the unit and is bypassing the media? The unit displayed 745 on the screen on the 24th and displayed 308 this morning.

On a side note we will need to severly change our water use habits.
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