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Any specific building codes?

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I have two questions if you don't mind...

Is there any particular codes that says you have to wires in the correct through hole in a junction box according to it's light switch? meaning...say i have a three gang junction box for light switches. I have a motion sensor light switch on the far right, however the source and wires to the light is all the way to the left through holes. Is it against code to have wires coming in through the left holes and wired to a switch on the far right gang slot?
Also can you have to 12/3 and 12/2 romex cables coming in through the same through holes say if you run out of holes?

Second question is...can you run alarm wire alongside AC romes 12/2 cables?
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That's three questions.

No code as to order of cables in the box.
12/3 and a 12/2 might be too tight to fit into one hole, depending on what hole you are talking about... no code restriction here either
Alarm wires should not contact nor be run in parallel or in the same hole as electrical cables.
yes that is three questions isn't it... I can't count....hahaha

So the reason why I'm asking about the alarm wire is that the path that i need to take to run the alarm wire is running along side the joists of existing romex cables. they are not in a conduit tube or anything, just already nailed onto the joist beams. The alarm wire would just be held onto the same same side of the beam with black nail clips. any suggestions on that?
try getting those alarm wires on the another bay. These will work, might be some interference but if this is an issue it would depend on your alarm system. It will not hurt the electrical system or cause any other concerns beyond what I mentioned.
so there is a possiblity of feedback to the main alarm cpu that can harm it?
yes..if you are talking about the alarm.. not harm but interfere.. maybe false alarms? you need to check with your alarm guy on this.
ahhh unfortunately no alarm guy. gonna go buy an alarm system cpu from the net and then install it myself....somehow...

btw any good brand of alarm system you guys prefer? I'm looking for something with more features like Internet capabilities. and voice dialing
Try looking at and they will offer ways to connect to your computer as well as automating most home electrical and electronics.
DIY and aftermarket may be wireless, but good ones will be wired. Wireless can be remotely blocked fairly easily.
If all the knockouts are filled with cables you may have an issue with box fill. How many cables and what types are you trying to fit in this box? How many devices and how many cubic inches in the box?
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