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Any *Pro Hangers* in the house

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I have 2 bags of durabond brown bag unopened from my last project about 5-7 months back. They have been sitting in my climate controlled room since then....

Would you say OKAY to use or junk it.
I'm not sure what the exp. date is on these sorta things - can't presume if it dries hard and doesn't crack, it's *okay* for paint, or will it micro crack, etc down the road ?
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If it's been kept dry it should be fine.
I would not hesitate to use it.
Got it. I was not sure if I was going to treat the hot mud like thinset.

With thinset, once I'm done with a project, It's trash.
Even if I'm doing back to back projects, if the bag was opened and sitting around for 2 months, I'm trashing it.
The air, etc will just have the thinset fail - which is far worse, cause you have finished tile, etc and it's the substrate that has failed.
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