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Condenser motor went out on a friends unit. It's an old early 70's model and the local parts supplier said they can't get the exact replacement, I found a similar rated one at grainer (1YJB5) but it has 4 mounting screws and the original has 3.
Here's the original part# if anyone has ideas: General Elec 5KCP39EG835S or 5KCP39EG8355, messy writing on my part.
As soon as I described the mounting of the old one, the parts guy said he knew right then that they couldn't get one. The Grainger rep didn't have any cross reference either.
Motor starts and runs if spun (very nicely and quietly), so I tried replacing the cap first with no luck. When I got back after a couple hours with the new cap, the motor was hotter than hell. I'm assuming it's bad and tripped out on its internal overload.
Thanks for any help!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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