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Hi, I have a Carrier 58CVA/CVX furnace that is turning off. I called a repair man and he tried to pull codes and diagnose but couldn't find the fault. I would like to be more certain before spending $$ for a new motor. Any help is very much appreciated. Here's what it does:
In the spring and fall sometimes it turned itself off and threw code 15 - Blower motor lockout. I turned it off and on again and it worked, sometimes for months with no problem. Now it turns off after a few hours and won't stay on. Code 15 usually, but sometimes code 11 - no previous code, sometimes code 25 - invalid model selection or setup error and once code 14 - ignition lockout and once code 13 - limit circuit lockout.
If anyone has any experience with things like this, any and all ideas are welcome. Thanks!
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