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any downside to using no name brand?

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There are a few vinyl door/window companies I've never heard of here in socal.
like crystal pacific, hometime, etc.

Prices are cheaper than big name.

but of course, I worry about companies coming and going bankrupt.

Any legit concerns with using smaller companies?

Salesmen assured me they pass California specs, whatever they are.
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If you are flipping a house....sure, why not. Most house flips use the cheapest thing out there.

With a name like "Hometime"? I wouldn't touch it with your money.

Windows are not something to go cheap on. The cost of installation is almost as much for just the window. Would you have your transmission rebuilt with the cheapest parts?

I'd go Milgard. Great window for the price. PM me and I'll give you the name of the place I use.

Look at the link in my signature....about half way through the project you will find the windows.

Fiberglass on the outside (which means you can paint them), vinyl inside....low E, argon...etc.
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