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Any creative ideas?

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This question is a stretch!

I am doing a major remodeling project on a home built in 1965. The doorway into the master bedroom is only 28" wide, and has 3 to 4 inches of wall space to a corner on either side.

The doorway is framed with dbl 2 x 4's. Is it possible to remove one 2 x 4 on each side, and then hang a 32" door?

Any suggestions on how to apply the trim moulding?:boat:
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Got a picrure?
Supporting wall?
would depend on the space left between the remaining studs. should be able to fit a 30" door which is fairly standard for bedrooms now
your pretty well pinched into that space, i wouldnt try to get a 32" in there you wont have any space for trim.. 30 will work
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