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Any crabapple tree experts out there?

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I planted this sapling 2 years ago and it did very well last year, large leaves, flowers and apples.

In AZ. we're well into Spring this year and all the trees are blooming.

It's kind of hard to tell from the photos as it's a rare cloudy day today, and the mulch is almost the same color as the leaves, but the top half of the tree hasn't bloomed. The branches are pretty dry and possibly dead. Only the branches near the middle of the tree have sprung to life. And there is plenty of new, healthy growth right at the base of the tree.

I did water this tree about 2-3 times a week during last spring-summer-fall. We had plenty of snow this winter and I watered it a few times when the soil did dry out.

My questions are: what might have happened to the top of the tree to effectively kill it? Should I trim back the apparently dead branches, or maybe will they come back to life?

Any tips and suggestions?



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Something similar happened to a really nice cherry tree I had. Eventually it killed it. We found out later that we had a groundhog problem. I can't say for sure, but I think they may have damaged the root structure.
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