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I'm going to be remodeling both my garage and great room sometime within the next year. All the walls right now are 2x4. The great room has 2 exterior walls (one with a fireplace in it) and the garage has 3.5 exterior walls (half the one wall is attached to the house).

Is there a long term benefit to extending these exterior walls to 6" depth? I'm planning on replacing the insulation regardless, as the house still has the original insulation and it's not too much money to just buy new.

I'm especially wondering about the garage, as I have plans to keep it climate controlled (50*F-ish during winter). I'm not sure if I should focus more on the garage door or the walls (or maybe both)?

If it is worthwhile, is adding furring strips on top the existing studs the typical method of doing this?

I live in Southeast Michigan, so we get all 4 seasons here.
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