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Ants in the AC!!!

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I was gonna put this in HVAC, but I thought others might miss it. I'm not a HVAC person, and you guys might have seen this before, but this shocked me.
Found this when a buddy and I went out to check on my ac unit. A contact was bad.
I didn't THINK we had an ant problem!
Yikes!:eek: I just can't figure why they'd want to build in there of all places.
We had ran it some this year, so it wasn't abandoned.
It's better in there than in our house.
Needless to say they are all gone. I didn't want to spray into the wires, so I used canned air to blow em out. I'm gonna put some ant poison around the unit.
Just fyi for you folks,

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There was a picture of it on here, but it's been removed. Not sure why, but it sorta lost it's zing without a picture of those 100's of ants carrying those white things building around those wires.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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