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here's 1 i don't know how to fix :surprise:
condo job in atl - commercial steel framed pan & riser stairw exposed to weather,,, original method filled tread pans w/mortar/concrete & then set cheap tile on top
how would anyone suggest we apply anti-slip coating to existing tiles ? we have 4" & 7" hand diamond grinders, aurand scarifiers, & needle guns,,, the tile's just too fragile imp for bushing tools - even the needle guns.
this is fairly major project totaling 53,000 sf of stair treads & risers
they want a, good ( cheap ); b, better ( decent life ); & c, best ( what we did last year on 3 sets of stairs )
i can come up w/b & c but blank for 'a'

thanks in adv
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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