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Another spackle question

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I am not good at spackling so I will do a little, sand it then do a little more until it looks right.
I have good, although slow results doing this but it works... until now. For some reason, the first spackle is different from the second coat so that when I'm sanding, the first will leave weird ridges that will not blend with the second.
Any ideas why? Any suggestions on how to fix it?
Thanks in advance.
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Hard to say w/o knowing exactly what you are doing and with what products
It sounds like your repairs are too big for spackle though
I suspect you are using the wrong product

Exactly what are you trying to repair, and what exactly are you using for product?
Not a product problem

Hmmm...although settling cracks are the worst to repair (I can't even offer a warranty on them because...well, the building may continue to settle), it's not a re-crack problem you are having

Then I'd tend to think it's an application/technique problem
If you were applying the j/c too thick, and not waiting long enough for it too dry, you could end up with the problem you seem to be describing
Brands of joint compound shouldn't make that much diff
Not sure what's going on then

Maybe more specifics?
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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