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Another silly story

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I used to work for an old guy who had been a contractor for 50 years.
One of the many many things that made no since to me that he did was remove a hot water heater that was in a house that had been flooded many times in the past.
When we removed it the whole bottom fell out of the metal housing.
He had me set it outside. He gets on the phone and starts calling the DAV, Habitat For Humanity, Hands across Mathews to come and get it because accoring to him it still worked fine.
They would show up and just laugh at him for call to pick up that piece of junk.
He took the time to remove every fitting, element, thermostate and planed on reusing them some place else to "save" them some money.
He would make me stop stripping a roof and go around and pick up all the nails so we could reuse them to install the new shingles.
He would spend days working on a light fixture you can buy for $10.00, sanding, rewiring, priming , painting. So he could "save" the people some money.
Customer tells him there's a weak spot in the floor under a toilet in a mobil home he owns.
He has me cut two pieces of 3/4 plywood and wrapped it with coil stock and use carrage bolts to mount it to the floor, Now the toilet is sitting 1-1/2 up off the floor so he have me go under it to run all new plumbing.
When the 5' tall home owner came in to look at it I could hear him yelling all the way down the street. lol
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