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Another Kneewall above garage question

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I tried to find this answer thru the search function and apoligize if I missed it. But I have been working on some of my home project's using my prior post's filled with info and advice as my guideline,Attached is a crude sketch of the area I'm asking about, I've taken down the fb batts from the kneewall, air sealed each cavity,box's etc..,then re-installed them(replaced where neccesary), Attached 2" rigid foam board to the attic side of wall, enclosing the batt's, caulked/spray foamed all joints then taped over all joints,then pulled up the ply decking and installed rigid foam blocking between the floor joist directly under the kneewall, now to my question..while ply decking is out of the way I wanted to blow in cellulose in that area between my foam blocking and exterior wall(marked A in my crude sketch)wasnt sure if I needed any type of barrier and if so which side?In the last year or so I insulated the exterior walls of the garage, and down the road am looking to heat/cool the garage.I've held up until Im sure of this detail,not sure if it is needed info, the existing insulation directly under bonus room floor is fb batts with kraft paper facing up. Thank you for your time and any infor or advice is appreciated


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