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OH no not again,

So I'm now used to the old freezer freezing up and stopping cold air getting to the (above) fridge, defrost overnight and or get a hairdryer to said part

but now I have the opposite,

the freezer is nice and cold (at zero degs) no ice build up no defrosted water in the bottom

but now the fridge is getting cold, I like to keep the fridge at 7deg's due to insulin storage,

the settings for the fridge and freezer usually runs around 3 or 4 setting mark
the fridge thermometer started to go down, so in 24hr steps took the settings down, to now both are on 1, 1

the fridge is reading 3 or 4 deg's and freezer stable at 0 degs,

I can't afford my insulin to hit freezing otherwise it's destroyed, I've powered up the mini fridge,

any ideas, could that trap door thingy between the fridge and freezer be stuck on ?

the fan in the freezer seems to be permanently on ?

txs !

analog freezer thermometer
digital fridge thermometer located in door compartment right next to insulin
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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