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just joined the forum a few minutes ago....
I did a forum search for the last hour or so and read several other threads on DIY mini-split install...

...but still have a few questions...

I talked to HVAC pro and they will come do the refrigerant lines vacuum/hook-up.

I am trying to do all the other stuff.
I live out in the boonies in the Texas Hill Country. No building inspectors...

Air Handler (AH) is secured to interior wall. Hole drilled through 12 inch ICF wall.

Condenser (C) is sitting outside on the concrete pad I poured.
The part of the C where you do elect and refrigerant hook-up is basically plum below the hole and 10 feet lower.

Standing outside looking up at the hole you see hanging out of the hole:
A. the condensate drain line (a white ribbed (vinyl?) flexible hose). It was only long enough to hang about half-way down the wall. So the end is 7-8 feet above grade.
B. black electrical wiring that connects the AH and C, they gave me 25feet. So I will trim it to an appropriate length with slack for flexibility before hook-up. I then thought I would run this through 1/2 inch liquid tight flexible conduit.
C. AH refrigerant supply and return piping sticking horizontally out about 10 inches beyond the exterior wall. They look factory prepped for later hook-up. Sealed by crimping and brazed blob on one end. The larger one has a round plug under the nut. It came with 2 separate 25 foot coils of refr. supply and return tubing. Each jacketed in a white cotton insulation.
HVAC pro said he will bend those lines down and hook-up to the 25 foot coils, then trim to hook-up to the C with appropriate extra slack for flexibility.

Q1: Should I use the 1/2 inch liquid tight flexible conduit for the elect wiring? AH to C and also C to the outdoor cut-off switch.

Q2: Should I put another insulation roll around the white cotton jacketed refrig supply and return tubings?

Q3: Should I install some kind of PVC pipe below the cond drain line and run it down to the ground?

Q4: How should I best arrange/bundle/secure the "umbilical" for that vertical section between the hole and the business end of the C? Wall is stucco. Should I zip-tie or radiator clip it every foot? maybe zip-tie these zip-ties to brackets that are secured to the wall?

Q5: Unit is 120V, 15A. I should have a cut-off switch out there on the wall nearby the condenser, correct? All is see at the store is 240v 60A cut-off switches. I bought one for $14. Can I use that with 12/2 from my single-pole 15A ckt breaker? Or should I use an actual 120v outside toggle switch? Or is there a better solution?


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nobody replied so I pressed forward anyway

Well, here in Texas yesterday it was like 95 degrees outside but nice and cool in here for my family.

Nobody replied to my post so I pressed forward anyway.

The 2 HVAC pro guys came and for $90 they connected up the refrigerant lines, evacuated the system and we fired it up.

Running great....:thumbup:
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