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Angular saw blade for cordless drill?

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Well hello forum. I am new here and you may have to excuse me struggling with defining what I am looking for... I am Swedish and technical terms in English is not my strongest area. However, I have been thinking for some time about a tool that would be useful sometimes, a circular saw blade that sits on an axis so that it can be easily inserted into an electrical screwdriver of some sort, thereby enabling you to for example cut floor boards right by a wall. With a normal circular saw you always end up a little bit outside the wall and if you want be right by the wall you need to take the last centimetre away with hammer and chisel. I do have a Bosch multicutter that I use but it is a slow process if you need to go for several metres.

You can use a reciprocating saw but you can't make a straight cut then and if you don't know where water pipes and cables are it is troublesome.

In short: I am looking for something like this

but in a larger size, maybe a 4-5 inch saw blade. Does anybody know where one could get such a product?

Thanks in advance, the forum looks really interesting BTW.
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Excellent! Thank you for that.

I figured a drill that runs at 2000 RPMs would be more than enough to use with a saw blade but you are probably right.

I probably wouldn't use it too often but I have a thing for the "special purpose" tools so I may have to get one anyway.

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The problem is, if you put a 4" blade in a drill and try to make a cut, the blade will inevitably bind in the cut and you will do damage to something.

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Google 'toe kick saw' --Crain makes one and Harbor Freight has a cheap model.

They are useful but extremely dangerous as the blade will jump out of the kerf when bound up.
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