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Anchors & Brick Veneer

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My home has brick veneer. This veneer also has hollow areas in it. When installing lead anchors, is it best to drill through the mortor joint so that the anchor will expand between two bricks? The first couple of times that I drilled through the brick, the hole was too close to the hollow area, that when I inserted a screw, the hole collapsed into the hollow space and the anchor was useless.
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Yes you can drill into the mortar joints. An old Philly rowhome is not a brick veneer. Those walls are load bearing. I also would suspect that there are no cores in the brick, most likely solid brick. Depending on how old the house is. There would be a small space between the two wythes of brick.
No a veneer is basically designed to be used as siding. It has no structural function. It is a single wythe of brick. Your house is double wythe of brick with a furring strip and drywall, which means the brick wall is what "holds up" the house. Newer homes built have what you would call a veneer. It is a stick framed house "sided" with brick. The framing is the structural part of the house.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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