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Anchoring Techniques

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I'm installing a PVC conduit run along my outside walls and so I need to mount a 4x4 electrical JB and a bunch of conduit straps. My question is focused on the anchoring part but I'm providing the details of what I'm doing. The walls are: (1)Fiber cement siding (hardiplank) over cinder block and (2)hardiplank over wood siding.

My question is:
If I'm mounting something to #1, what type of anchors do you use and what exactly are your steps? i.e. do you drill a pilot? drill hole in hardiplank 1st, then ...etc.

Same question for #2.

I'm unsure with the hardiplank layer involved. If you guys change bit sizes and types please mention that, those are the specific details I want to know.

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For the Hardie/blocks, use Tapcon fasteners and Tapcon bits. The box of fasteners will tell you the size of bit to buy. You can use the same Tapcon bit in the Hardie over the wood, but don't drill into the wood with it. You can use exterior grade wood screws for that application. I didn't mention sizes because you didn't indicate whether you were running 1/2" or 2" conduit. Generally 1/8" fasteners will suffice. Use Hex head Tapcons for ease of installation.
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