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Anchoring Techniques

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I'm installing a PVC conduit run along my outside walls and so I need to mount a 4x4 electrical JB and a bunch of conduit straps. My question is focused on the anchoring part but I'm providing the details of what I'm doing. The walls are: (1)Fiber cement siding (hardiplank) over cinder block and (2)hardiplank over wood siding.

My question is:
If I'm mounting something to #1, what type of anchors do you use and what exactly are your steps? i.e. do you drill a pilot? drill hole in hardiplank 1st, then ...etc.

Same question for #2.

I'm unsure with the hardiplank layer involved. If you guys change bit sizes and types please mention that, those are the specific details I want to know.

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3/4" conduit to be exact but I was going to follow manufacturer guidelines for whatever size screw for a pilot. But based on the hole sizes for my parts, I was planning to use #8 screw for the 4x4, #10 for straps (metal single-hole) into wood and 3/16" tap con into concrete.


--3/16" Tapcon, 5/32 concrete bit for pilot
--drill through Hardie and block, and fasten tap con.

--#10 wood screw, 5/32 concrete bit for pilot
--drill through Hardie only, and fasten with wood screw.

I appreciate the help.
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