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i figured this is an american standard fixture. i have 3 basins a tub and shower with these items.
can you tell me are they American standard?
How does one remove the 'perfume bottle' below the cross handle?
i have checked extensively on the web for parts with no luck.
I do know how to remove the cross handles.
as far as parts: need cross handle, H botton, and the shower hot side is leaking between the stem and the top of the 'bottle'. of course this one is a horizontal set up.

if you tell me no dice on parts, would you suggest replacements.
shower stall is a two handle affair. all about 20+ years old.
thanks for any input


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Typically the bottom of the 'perfume bottle' is threaded and screws into fine threads on the valve body---they may be stuck really well ---PB blaster might help along with a rubber strap wrench.

Can't identify the brand from here----American Standard parts are hard to get ,except from the maker---so contact them.

They are no longer stocked by any local plumbing supply house in my area---
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