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I installed an american standard massage tub. It's 32 x 60 with a removable front apron. It has an automatic dryer that comes on after you drain the tub to dry out the lines to help reduce bacteria, which seemed like a nice feature to have.

The problem;
It comes on by itself, sometimes in the middle of the night, sometimes during the day. There is a schedule feature where you can have it come on to dry out at a certain time, but we are not using that feature. Also, it wont shut off during use once we are finished with the bath (Not always). We push the button and sometimes it shuts off like it should and other times it will not shut off. We have to unplug it to get it to shut off. Frustrating!

We have had the American standard repair guy out three times. He says that he changed the motor and the control panel all three times. He was just here last week and it started again this week. This has been going on for a year and frankly I didn't even consider that he may not have been changing the equipment out like he claimed until now. I wish I would have marked it or taken a photo of the inside. It seems hard to believe that the exact same problem with the same pattern has been going on through three motor changes. By the way, he states that the motor and controls both have micro computers in them. Which is why he said that he needed to change both parts each time. This has all been covered by warranty, but he is a contractor who contracts directly with American Standard. So they pay him for each service call and to perform the work. This is not an A.S. employee.

After the second motor malfunctioned he said that we should put a surge protector on the tub just in case there are surges. I put a brand new surge protector on at the same time as the third motor and controls were installed. And within a week it started again, so here we are.

Unfortunately, we did not think to mark the motor or the control panel to be sure that he actually changed it out all three times. The problem is that the bathroom is small so there's not room for more than one person with tools, so we just figured he was doing his thing in there.

Does anyone else have this recurring problem?
Or better yet, a solution?

Thanks for looking
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