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Ambitious laundry project

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I have a 4 unit building, and am interested in installing a drain pipe for a laundry in each unit.

The building is arranged 2x2 (2 on top 2 on bottom), with identical/mirrored layouts.

I would like to have the top two units each have a 2 inch pipe, which drains into a 3 inch pipe to run down to the first floor, where it will turn into a 4 inch pipe where two more 2" pipes (first floor) laundries tie in.

The 4 inch pipe would tee into the main waste line, also a 4 inch pipe.

I chatted with a guy at m local plumbing suppl store, he said each laundry drain has to "home run" into the main waste line to be up to code. Sounded like overkill, considering we have buildings with hundreds of units in the city and I doubt every one of them have a 2 inch drain pipe running down to the main sewer.

Is this correct? Also, if my original plan is acceptable, what size should the pipes be as more waste water is fed into them?

i tried drawing a picture in ms paint, but everything came out stupid looking.
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Washington, DC.

ill update my profile
Thanks for the responses.

I never work towards what i can "get away with" ;)

It wouldnt be too difficult to run two 2" pipes from the top.

Where I am getting incredulous is Teeing four different two inch pipes into one 4" waste line. With that setup, about 2 feet of the line would be comprised of one Tee after another, requiring a lot of room for the pipes themselves.

Thankfully, im working with a dirt crawl space and teeing into the main line itself will be a breeze (famous last words).
I was planning to use a proflow attachment, which is code in dc thank goodness
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