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I would like to recess mount my TV inside the wall.

the problem is that there is a rather large vertical duct that is preventing me from doing this.

Is there a way (or is it allowable) to decrease the diameter of the duct for a run of say 5-6 feet to allow for enough room for the TV to go into the wall?

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If you reduse the size you will reduce the CFM and change the velosity of air flow to the vent it is serving. That room will not get the correct air flow. It can be done as long as you dont mind being uncomfortable in the space the duct serves.
Re route the duct or, move the T V location...You will restrict air flow too much .If this is the main duct line. You will restrict air flow to other areas of the house & may get more air flow to other areas
Restrict the airflow and you will overheat the furnace and freezeup the airconditioner. Buy a large flat panel plasma tv and a special wall mount and charge your buddies for watching football and hockey so it pays for itself.:thumbup:

Would this still be the case if I only reduce the size of the duct by about 6 inches or is there absolutely no leeway whatsoever in this kind of situation?

Check my new edited advice above yours. Ducts are never oversized to begin with so I doubt you can alter it. Post a picture of it. Is it a supply or return duct.
I don't know if it's a supply or return duct.

I know very little to nothing about HVAC

all i can tell you is that the duct is square/rectangular in shape.

It runs vertically, and is about 2 1/2 feet long by about 1 1/2 feet wide (approximately) and has insulation around it.

Don't know if this helps.

Is your unit in the attic. If it is insulated then it is a supply duct and no you cannot reduce it. Only way to know for sure what can be done is to call a HVAC contractor and get some advice. Not all of them know what they are doing or how to size ducts so I would leave well enough alone.
Find another space to put your TV.
buy a flat screen...problem solved..:laughing:

Follow posts 10, 11, 12.

#12 Do not mess with the ductwork you will be sorry later.
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