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Sorry, right after posting this question, it occured to me that the output might be AC. I had assumed it was DC.

So I flipped the meter to AC, and it read 19.2 V.

But this doesn't explain what's up with the doorbell. The Wifi router is literally 2' away, just on the other side of the exterior wall.

I guess my next step is to repeat the voltage test at the doorbell itself.

Still open to troubleshooting help if you've delt with this.


I'm trying to test the voltage on my doorbell transformer because our Ring Pro doorbell isn't reliable, but I don't know what I'm doing. Can someone give me feedback on my process?

  1. I'm setting my multimeter on 200 V DC (as pictured, and probe wires attached as pictured).
  2. I'm touching the multimenter probes the two output screws on the transformer (the ones pictured)
  3. The meter readout changes very briefly to something like -0.03, but then it returns to zero immediately. I expected to see ~16v.
I also tried setting the multimeter on 20.. same result.

Am I testing this correctly, and is this transformer bad? This is actually a new-ish transformer, I replaced the old one because the doorbell wasn't reliable (Ring Pro). This new transformer didn't seem to change anything. I don't want to waste money on a third transformer if I'm doing something wrong.


transformer in wall:

load side:

my meter and setting used:


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Transformers are AC.
19.2 volts is not uncommon for a transformer rated 16 volts.
That is intentional since over the length of wire run there will be some voltage drop. And yes, read the voltage at the doorbell itself.
But Ring says it requires 16V @ 20VA and yours is more than adequate.
Check the wiring and check the voltage at the doorbell location.
What is the problem with the Ring?
Usually these problem are internet or wi-fi related.
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