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aluminum house wrap for ceiling in warehouse

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We are trying to cover a really ugly warehouse ceiling with the cheapest product available. It is about 2500 sq ft of 3/12 pitch ceiling. The 2x8 rafters have bat insulation between rafters and 4'x8'x3/4" foam board nailed to the bottoms. We are not concerned about insulation since this is just a big storeroom. If we could use the single sided aluminum house wrap and tape the seams, it could be done for about $400. My notion is to attach it with plywood staples (adjusted so they don't go too deep). The concern is will this cause sweating and make a big mess. The roof is galvalume. There is no HVAC in the room. If this is a bad idea, can anyone advise another cheap solution. Thanks for input. Jim
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Are you talking about this?

Going to be a whole lot more the $400.00 to use that material and it's going to sag between the joist.
If this is a commercial building then I would think you will need to meet fire codes which will require at least one layer of 5/8 fire rock.
That is not the material. You can only find this stuff on the internet and is much cheaper. This building would not meet any code and won't require any permit. The only concern is will it sweat.
A couple of photos will probably enable some good responses. I am not familiar with the product you are using but generally you do not leave foils exposed. Once a foil is burning most burn rapidly. You may wish to check the flame spread rating on the product.
Good information. I will check out the fire thing and attach a picture tomorrow. Thanks
Here's a picture of the ceiling and a piece of the wrap. I notice that it is perforated so maybe this would avoid sweating. This material is really strong and should stretch tight. Data from the various manufacturers seem to brag about fire issues but they aren't discussing this kind of application. I held a match to it for 5 seconds before it started to burn but I think that would be the same with the foam or most other coverings. Is there a flame retardant spray?


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What is your question? Are you looking to use this material on the ceiling?
As for fire, foam is required to be covered with a fire barrier like drywall. It can't be left exposed.
We are searching for the least expensive product to cover the foam. This building is a mess and building codes are non-existent. We are volunteers doing everything with minimum funds. The foam was there for years before we bought it. Is there a fire retardant that can be sprayed on the wrap?
To ansewer your question, the ansewer is no.
Suggestions anybody for inexpensive ceiling finish? Should we take down the foam and leave the insulation exposed or take it all down?
If labor is not a factor (volunteers doing the labor) I suggest removing the foam and installing gypsum board, preferably 5/8" type X, if it is in the budget. I am uncomfortable with leaving any foil exposed. My other suggestion is that if the building is a free standing building and off the lot lines, where it does not require a fire rating, and you are not heating it, then gut it to the frame and leave it open.
Thanks for the input guys. I think we will strip it down. Jim
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