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Alternative to Drylok

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We are looking for an alternative to Drylok. There is a moisture problem in the basement and we recently had a Waterguard System installed. We are now working on waterproofing the walls but the problem we are facing is the previous owners finished only half of the basement, the other half they painted the cement blocks. The research that my wife and have done indicates that you cannot apply Drylok over paint as it will not adhere to the cement block, only adhere to the paint. The removal of the paint is an option but that is going to be another costly job not to mention the time it would take us to remove the paint. Are there good options out there that we can pursue instead of applying some type of Drylok?
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Welcome to the forums!

Good you are looking for a better solution than Drylock, maybe a spray-on flexible, covering;

Or a rigid one;

Or Delta Wall, or another interior drainage membrane. As you have the most expensive part installed already, just add some rigid foam board (XPS) to meet Energy Code requirements of R-15, footnote "c";

As per Figure 15; download at bottom right corner;

We can direct/help you on this...

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