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Alternative to Drylok

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We are looking for an alternative to Drylok. There is a moisture problem in the basement and we recently had a Waterguard System installed. We are now working on waterproofing the walls but the problem we are facing is the previous owners finished only half of the basement, the other half they painted the cement blocks. The research that my wife and have done indicates that you cannot apply Drylok over paint as it will not adhere to the cement block, only adhere to the paint. The removal of the paint is an option but that is going to be another costly job not to mention the time it would take us to remove the paint. Are there good options out there that we can pursue instead of applying some type of Drylok?
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Thanks for replying Bud,
What we have are not puddles of water but a considerable amount of moisture at the base of two walls. Enough moisture where it can be felt with the fingers. With that came the very musty odors. We are hoping that the Waterguard system will take care of that issue. What we want to do now is complete the interior framing but we feel that we need to apply something to the concrete walls before doing this. We have now found something called Everlast walls. We have never heard of this before and are hesitant to use this, we will do more research on this product. Our question is, can we simply put us some type of plastic moisture barrior before framing? Or do we still need to apply some type of Drylok or other product to the cement before framing. We are new to refinishing projects and need some direction before we invest more money and find that we messed up. This Waterguard system cost us dearly and was something that was not budgeted because we just didn't understand what was involved with finishing a damp basement.
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Thanks again for your input guys. Bud on your question about our location. We live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, we are located just off from Lake Superior. I have to say that yours and Jim's remarks have us really confused. Bud you state that our basement was not built to be refinished and Jim you state that we should not refinish the basement, period. We are confused because this website has many forums on how to properly refinish a basement, even those that have a moisture problem that has to be addressed. There are so many homeowners refinishing their basements and the market is flooded with products to complete a refinishing job that we just can't agree with you two. We are encouraged by all of these forums that have positive comments and feel that all of these homeowners can't be mistaken. We do appreciate your time in responding but we will continue with our project and look forward to other responses that can assist us.
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