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Allure vinyl wood plank transitions

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I have the Home Deport Allure vinyl planks in blonde maple. I need a reducer and a a stair nose that will match that color. Since I am not aware of any company making vinyl transitions, I looked at the laminate transitions sold at home depot but nothing there really matches the blonde maple color (it's either natural maple which is too light of golden maple which is too dark).

If anybody found transitions matching the Allure blonde maple please let me know. Also is there such thing as unfinished transitions? If so, I could just stain it to the right color.

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Just buy unfinished stuff and a stain to match. It might be in the lumber department and not flooring.
Any real flooring store will have what ever you need or at least can order it.
Problum is Allure is a floating floor, it can not be held tight to the subfloor and must have room for expantion.
There is no great way to transition with that type flooring when it comes to the stairs without a trip hazard.
The transitions are a bit funky with Allure because yeah, it is hard to find a match sometimes. I love the stuff and just put some Teak in my boat.

I'll throw another solution at you: I glued down some aluminum L-molding on a transition re. Here are a couple of pics where folks have used the same molding and also done a stairway with Allure:

Link #2 -- Stairway (scroll down a bit for the image)

Link #2 -- L-molding
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