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From install manual from HD site at:

CAUTION: Do not install allure over
carpet or any foam underlayment. This
product is not suitable for any outside use,
sunrooms/solariums, saunas, or rooms that
have the potential of flooding. We also
highly recommend you do not install in
rooms or homes that are not temperature
controlled. Exposure to long term direct
sunlight can cause damage to your floor.

Subfloor preparation:
The sub floor surface must be smooth,
flat, dry, clean and solid. Carpet staples
or adhesive residue must be removed to
insure proper installation.
Subfloors should be flat within a
tolerance of 1/8” (3mm) over a span of
4 feet. Any unevenness over 1/8”
(3mm) must be sanded down or filled
with a floor leveler. Voids or humps in
the sub floor will prevent allure from
locking properly.
Subfloors must be carefully checked for
moisture problems. allure ULTRA is
waterproof. It is NOT a water-proofer.
Any moisture problems need to be
addressed prior to installation. New
concrete floors need to cure for a
minimum of 60 days.
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