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I hoping someone can give me some advise.
I had a dip in my kitchen floor and I had a local handyman come in and he removed a 4 ft X 4ft section of the floor and replaced it with some new board and everything is good.
I now want to replace all the flooring in the kitchen and after looking at the alternatives have decided upon the Allure product. It seems like this may be something I can handle myself.
My question is: What do I do about that 4X4 section? Because it is new material, there is no vinyl in this one spot which makes it the thickness of the vinyl lower than the rest of the floor. Should I buy a piece of vinyl and glue it in there? Is there another produce I could use to even it out? I am afraid if I put the new material over top the outline of this 4X4 piece will telegraph through. Am I right? Any advise would be appreciated. It's pretty obvious haven't repalced any flooring before. Thanks
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