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All timers quit at once, HELP!

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I hope someone can help me...a few months ago all of my outdoor lighting timers quit turning on/off by themselves. I can trip them manually though, I figured they are old and I need to replace them. BUT recently I've need to put my aquarium light (indoors) on a timer to go on vacation and it doesn't trip either. I've tried 3 different indoor automatic timers, all Intermatic brand. Again, I can trip it manually (I've tried on several appliances) and you hear the motor running but they will NOT turn off/on. The override button works though. I started to wonder if something is wrong with my home electrically. I also had a cable guy come install a box to my DVR to be able to connect remotely online or something...and he said he was unable to do it because of some sort of grounding problem. This was before my electric problem so I thought he was full of it but now...hmmmm, has anyone heard of this? Please, I'm leaving soon and need my aquarium to be on autopilot for awhile...thanks:)
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Can you take a timer to a friend/neighbor's house to verify the timer is working correctly?
Thanks, haven't thought of that. However, I did try 3 different new timers...I'll try though.
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