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album covers "tiled" on a concrete floor? is it possible?

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hello. i have recently purchased a home, it is a tri-level, and my wife and i are converting the lower level of the home into a bar area.

i pulled up the carpet, and it is smooth concrete beneath.
the look i am hoping to achieve is that of the floor completely tiled in old album covers. i am a diy'er, but don't have much experience in this particular field.

what i am thinking of doing is simply etching/cleaning the concrete floor, and then simply gluing the album covers (all the same thickness) to the concrete, and then covering it with an epoxy.

what i'm unsure of is how well the epoxy will hold up on a floor through the years, and also if the epoxy will adhere well to the album covers.

if anyone has ever heard of this, or has any input, or any other easier/cheaper/or more durable ideas, please, chime in!


brian williams
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That sounds cool as hell.

I've seen wood with epoxy poured to encapsulate paper things on wood. That holds up under abuse for years.

The cool thing about pouring epoxy is that it is self leveling. A trick I used was to run a hair dryer over it to release any air bubbles.

There is a 'work time' and then a cure time. This might vary depending on the product. Depending on the size of your floor you might have to consider sections?

My concerns would be the cost to epoxy a floor thick enough to bury the covers and then some. Also what glue would affix the paper to concrete.

It might be worth it to grab a bag of concrete and mix a test slab and experiment before you commit time and money to a floor. You can turn those into garden stepping stones. :)

I does sound cool.

Good luck.
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