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alarm wiring

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I want to move my door alarm from a recessed sensor on the interior door to a flush mount on the storm door. My alarm company is not very good so if I make a mistake Ill be without an alarm for a while.

Are there any pitfalls I need to be aware of ? Can I just install the flush sensor and connect the appropriate color wires?

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Slightly more work to disconnect interior door if that's preferred.

On the jamb side of interior door, find 2 wires feeding stationary part of contact. Probably have to remove molding. Disconnect and solder in a run of 2 conductor alarm wire from the 2 wires to new location where exposed contact will go on jamb. Connect to 2 screws on switch.

If you want to ADD the screen door, you will have to splice into existing wire near where you want new contact. Cut one wire and treat 1 wire of new extension that you add as a 'send' (to contact) wire; the other as a 'return from' contact wire. If you can distinguish wires (ie one gold color and one silver color), splice into same color wire as on interior door.

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