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Good morning everyone,

I am planning to caulk around the perimeter of walls and all outlets etc primarily for soundproofing purposes.

I am planning to use Sheetrock brands Acoustical Sealant as seen here:

– Excellent sound-flanking material (supports high STC ratings)
– Superior performance as a fire caulk in UL-classified joint systems
– Ideal for use in smoke and/or sound assemblies
– Meets ASTM C834 specifications for latex sealants
– Grade -18°C (0°F) low temperature flexibility, strong bond
– Low VOC

Per MSDS, This latex acrylic caulk contains mostly limestone, acrylic polymer, and butyl benzyl.

It sounds like some pro's recommend using poly caulk for airtight drywall installation. My question is could I used the acoustical caulk instead and achieve same results as poly caulk? At the end of the day, I was hoping to kill two birds with one stone and achieve some level of soundproofing and good "thermal" barrier/no air draft.

Thank you in advance.
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