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Air return duct is not connected to the blower plenum. Is this a faulty install?

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I am considering buying a condo and when I first looked at the property I noticed the HVAC system's blower was in a small closet.

Upon closer observation I saw that the air return grill in the living room wall was connected to a duct that was never connected to the blower intake plenum. See photo below.

When I had the property inspected the home inspector also noticed the same situation. The Trane HVAC blower was installed 6 years ago.

Is this a faulty installation?

Thanks for your help


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Is this a faulty installation?

No, many air handlers in condos/apts are ducted this way. It looks like there is a filter installed which is a good thing. The duct that is there looks like its been lined with insulation, which provides sound deadening. Since we can't see the return grille just make sure that there is an adequate path for air to get into the duct from the grille. At this point, adding duct to connect the 2 points wouldn't result in huge benefits. My concern would be how well the system performs overall.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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