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I'm in Canada, in the Montreal area.

We purchased a Boston walk in tub from Premier almost a year ago with the hydrotherapy (air jets). The Boston model is slightly larger than their standard model (40Hx50Lx30W). When we first got it, the jets worked fine, but shortly after, we started having problems.

The air jet button is supposed to start on high when pushed and change to medium, low and stop with each subsequent push of the button. The air jets run for 20 minutes and then stop unless turned off earlier.

When I first used it, everything was fine but shortly after, I used the jets in my bath one evening and when it turned off, I tried to turn it on again (the manual provided suggests using the jets 25 minutes for my health condition) and it would not.
It still wouldn't a couple hours later but the next morning it was fine.

By the way, there is a reset button installed near our electric panel and we checked when it happened to see if this was the problem but it wasn't.

Since it was working fine again, we waited to see if it would happen again, and it did a month or two later, but again worked fine the next morning. The third time it happened was in the daytime and I called Premier (they installed the tub) and they changed the motor. They have a one year all parts and labour guarantee. It was working fine by the time they came to change it weeks later (like a squeaky car that only squeaks when the mechanic is not around).

Tried taking a bath with the new motor. Worked fime with the first push, but would not start with the second. AND when it did start the next morning, the tub only went from high to medium to high to medium to high... It would not go to low or stop. So we had to hit the reset at the electrical box to stop it. Tried again. Same thing. Tried a third time: it stayed on high all the time. Stopped it with the reset button and called the company again. They changed the motor again this week (I mentioned the switch but the installer does not think it is the switch).

Used it last night and it went on, worked 20 minutes, turned itself off. Tried to restart 5 minutes later. Nothing. 2 hours later it finally worked again.

I am so frustrated. It is a costly tub. Do you think it is really the motors that are defective? I asked the installer and he claims there has not been problems with this motor at other homes. I wonder if there was a series of motors that had a defect or if the problem is something else totally.

I have used tubs elsewhere that can be used for much longer than this and still work fine, plus Premier themselves suggest using it for 25 minutes which is longer than one cycle. On top of that, the installer suggested starting the air jets for a minute after the tub is empty to dry the area around them and prevent any build up of hard water. How can we do that if it doesn't start when you are done? Also, how long does the someone have to wait before using it again? I guess I have to call the company again today but after having the original and now 2 replacement motors put in, I'm worried it will just be the same thing again.
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