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Hi I am having problems with air in my pipes. I have a artesian well that is 250' deep with a static water level at 30'. When the well was drilled it was estimated by the driller to produce 12gpm... So by his accounts a good well. The pump in the well is a constant pressure Tesla 3/4 hp with a DAB pump driver and is placed at approx. 200'. When we turn on the cold water there is no air bursts but when you fill a glass of water it first appear cloudy then clears from the bottom up in a few seconds.. and you can see it gassing off similar to soda water. The air bursts in the line occur from the hot water tap.. I have talked to a number of well guys in my area and have gotten a number suggestions of what might be the cause of the air buildup... the popular theory is that there might be sulphur gas in the well. We have noticed a certain order to the water and off taste.

As there is no where for the gas to escape in the hot water tank only through the pipes . It builds up and thus the air bursts in the hot water line... Because the cold water is pumped directly from the well i.e. no holding tank there is no air build up thus no air burst in the cold water tap. I have researched that a gas sleeve at the pump is one way to remedy. All suggestions on how to remove the gas are welcomed.


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