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Air hose recommendation for 16 ga nail gun

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Doing moulding work in the house.

I found an entry level 16 ga gun at HF that will suit my house needs.

I've got a craftsman 1 hp 3gal compressor (125max psi).

The work is upstairs, so I'm looking to run the hose up the house and through window.

I figure 50 to 100ft is needed, but I'm not sure of the hose diameter. The compressor came with that crappy 3/8" coiled pvc one that cracked after a year or so.

Is there a chart nearby that discusses volume efficiency regarding length and diameter? My compressor is about 6 years old and can put out 90 to 100 consistently. And, I'm not going to be doing 40 nails per minute. Just me working slowly in the bedrooms.

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I routinely drive even my Senco with one of those crappy little hot dog units for small projects. Aggressive use does exceed the duty rating of that unit. The real question is how much air (scfm) and at what pressure. I need 90 for the Senco and lot less for other tools. The HF site will tell you the air consumption and pressure required.

To answer your question as best I can, I ran an air chisel with 100 feet of 3/8" hose using my extreme duty pancake. The air chisel is a high air tool and I did have to stop and go. I have to do that even with a short hose.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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