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Air hose recommendation for 16 ga nail gun

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Doing moulding work in the house.

I found an entry level 16 ga gun at HF that will suit my house needs.

I've got a craftsman 1 hp 3gal compressor (125max psi).

The work is upstairs, so I'm looking to run the hose up the house and through window.

I figure 50 to 100ft is needed, but I'm not sure of the hose diameter. The compressor came with that crappy 3/8" coiled pvc one that cracked after a year or so.

Is there a chart nearby that discusses volume efficiency regarding length and diameter? My compressor is about 6 years old and can put out 90 to 100 consistently. And, I'm not going to be doing 40 nails per minute. Just me working slowly in the bedrooms.

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Use a brad nailer and it will use less air = less recycling. It's about all I use for trim.
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