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We have central a/c with separate units for upstairs and downstairs.

The thermostat works fine and never loses power. The outside unit works fine and never loses power.

The air handler unit for the upstairs stops working intermittently. There is a light switch next to the unit that turns power to it off and on. When it stops working, I have to flip the power off, then back on. When I do this, the red and green status lights start the slow simultaneous blink indicating normal operation and after a minute, the unit kicks on and starts blowing cool air.

Sometimes it will work fine for a few days. Sometimes it will only work for a few hours. When it stops working, the unit seems to have no power. The red and green lights go completely out. When that happens, nothing I do with the thermostat will cause the air handler to start working. Only turning off the power and turning it back on will fix the issue.

Any ideas on things to check or possible causes before I call someone out to look at it?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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